My name is Amanda.

I'm 23, live in Oregon, and I don't like amphibians.
I'm prone to fits of babble and pterotactyl screeching. I like browsing other peoples' Tyler Hoechlin tags. I like finding random headcanons in my inbox. Good fucking luck trying to find anything by tags on here.

I cry over teenaged werewolves A LOT.


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Money is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.


hate on pineapple pizza once, shame on you

hate on pineapple pizza twice, what the fuck is wrong with you that shit is delicious

iTunes Library Write Up 

How many songs: 4163

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First Song: "A Handsome Stranger Called Death" - Foe

Last Song: "99 Problems" - Hugo (cover)

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Shortest Song: "I’m Sad, So Very Very Sad" - Crash and the Boys
Longest Song: “Daily Anthem” - David Cook

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First Artist: A Fine Frenzy
Last Artist: 65daysofstatic

Top Three Most Played Songs:
1. “Misty Mountains” - Richard Armitage & Dwarf Cast
2. “Who Are You, Really?” - Mikky Ekko
3. “Run Boy, Run” - Woodkid

Death: "A Handsome Stranger Called Death" - Foe
Life: "The (After) Life of the Party" - Fall Out Boy
Love: “Alive With the Glory of Love” - Say Anything
Hate: “Hate Everyone” - Say Anything
You: “All About You” - McFly
Sex: “I Just Had Sex” - The Lonely Island (feat. Akon)

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Fuck pretty mermaids let’s talk about scary cannibal mermaids that drag people to the bottom of the ocean to feast on their flesh

i thought those were the pretty mermaids

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Don’t talk to me about: 


1. any tv show ever i’ll probably most definitely find something to cry about

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i got around to thinking about how not only did peter hale die, get buried, and bring himself to life, but so, too, did kate argent, and that made me curious

because you know peter has never really been a good guy. sure, through season one he was pretty adamant in the “i only killed them because they killed my entire family” shtick (which is still murder, but there’s some moral gray to be had there), but did anyone REALLY buy that? i mean he said that and then like 3 minutes later he had the body of the nurse who helped him regain his stamina and powers shoved into the back of some ugly hatchback so.

we know he arranged for paige to be bitten (possibly with the hope of her being killed?) and we know that talia hale had reason to want to keep his daughter away from him, to take the memory of his daughter with her to the grave. we know he was in a position to whisper in derek’s ear, to manipulate him, and that he’s taken advantage of this before when he sent derek to lure in and kill jackson in 110.

we know that peter’s had his hand in killing off several of the big bads of teen wolf: kate, jackson-as-kanima, and jennifer namely as well as having his hands in the formation of a lot of mythology of the show (the memory sharing with claws, the laptop presumably full of information about supernatural stuff including kanima lore, a LOT having to do with life/death and banshees etc.). he’s now tied to the werecoyotes and werejaguars/whatever the fuck it is kate argent has come back as— and my point here is this:

what if peter hale has been playing a very long game of chess here?

because i’m looking at all of this and i’m thinking, who’s to say peter and kate weren’t in it together in season one? peter certainly was in a position to put derek in kate’s path, to whisper in kate’s ear all about paige, all about their family, all about anything having to do with derek, really. and maybe to kate the idea of dying and coming back as something stronger would have appealed to her the same way it did her father in the end of season two, right?

and kate, vicious, wickedly smart kate could very well believe that she could bide her time and double cross peter and come out on top (hell, maybe she set the fire at the wrong time, when peter was in the house, just for this purpose)

and regarding his family, we could see peter having a lot of reasons for wanting his family dead. the alpha power, for one; whatever talia hale knew about him/his daughter for two. the deliberate way peter risked paige’s life and their family’s well being for a third. peter’s always been dangerous, and if his own family knew that? that could have been a liability for him.

but look at the creatures and people peter’s been killing off, can we? jackson, who we know for a fact was on his way to becoming bigger and stronger. jennifer, who we know for a fact was on her way to becoming bigger and stronger. kate, who’s now come back to life as a really terrifying new creature, which maybe was peter’s plan all along when he cut her throat open in season one? when he— maybe, possibly— put her on the path to derek in the wake of paige’s death, which he himself orchestrated? 

i’m just saying: what if these kills have a purpose beyond peter just liking the feel of blood on his claws? what if they’re a sacrifice of his own— like what jennifer was doing in 3A? what if with each of these kills, peter is taking something with him, something he’s been planning for a long, long time—

something, maybe, he saw falling into place the day derek started confiding in him. something, maybe, he saw even before.

maybe he’s just assembling all of his pieces of the board, slowly and carefully.

maybe he’s just waiting for his chance to make his divine move.



why do people have like 74973 different names for these


looking through the notes for this post is hilarious bc everyone has a different name they insist is the only one

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#Fuckin' Otter Pops man. #Amanda knows what's up.


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You do have nice legs.

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